Film Festival Premiere

This is a big week for our short animated film, Inhale, Exhale, Draw. We’re getting our premiere at the Canberra Mental Health Film Festival, under the umbrella of This Is My Brave, Australia.

“This Is My Brave Australia is dedicated to breaking the stigma surrounding mental illness, one story at a time. Through the sharing of stories and experiences of those in recovery, we provide a sense of community and hope; and we aim to encourage others to share their stories. We believe that each time one of us shares our story, there’s another crack helping to break down the stigma of mental illness. It’s time to be brave and bring mental health issues into the spotlight. They’ve been in the dark too long. Stories are told with poetry, musical performances, film, and spoken word.”

We’re scheduled for two screenings, EST (USA) 7am on October 27, and 11:00 pm on October 29. You can register for tix here. W’re excited and grateful.

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