Animation Teasers, INHALE,EXHALE,DRAW

Our director and animator (Cynthia White and Alexander White) developed two short teasers for our first animated film, Inhale, Exhale, Draw. We’re now in the process of developing the next project. Who knows where this will lead. We’ve talked about a series of short animations – or maybe even a short documentary film. With such intense concern for the long term mental health impacts of Covid-19, along with considerable research that suggests we’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg at present, we believe our focus on mental health is important. It’s a very complex subject, from causes to treatments, mild to severe cases, medications, therapies, interventions, stigma … and the list goes on.

For me, it’s the combination of living with anxiety and depression, doing research and making artistic work to understand – not just my own experience, but others as well, that drives the ongoing Anxiety Project and my work with this terrific team of collaborators. Hopefully the work will make a positive contribution to our collective understanding of mental health issues (anxiety and depression in particular) as well provide some inspiration for people to explore their own creativity as a tool for improving their mental health.

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