Thanks for visiting. I hope you’ll spend some time with the work represented here and check back from time to time to see what’s new. Frontline Nurses: Dispatches From The Covid 19 Pandemic is our latest animation project. Somewhat of a departure from our two previous animations, the themes of anxiety, mental health, and wellness are still central. As are drawing, art-making, and collaboration as tools to a healthy life. Check out the film and our creative team below!

William Doan, Ph.D. is a past president of the Association for Theatre in Higher Education and a Fellow in the College of Fellows of The American Theatre. Doan has co-authored three books and several plays. He has created solo performance projects at a variety of venues across the U.S., and abroad. Current work includes the performance piece, Frozen In The Toilet Paper Aisle of Life, part of a larger project, The Anxiety Project, which includes multiple short graphic narratives published in the Annals of Internal Medicine/Graphic Medicine and Cleaver Magazine. He is a Professor of Theatre in the College of Arts and Architecture, and Director of the Arts and Design Research Incubator at Penn State. Doan served as the Penn State Laureate for 2019-2020. His collaboration Inhale, Exhale, Draw, a short animated film, was been selected as a finalist in the World Health Organization’s Health For All Film Festival, 2021. Sticks and Stones, his newest animation collaboration has been selected for thirteen festivals nationally and internationally to date garnering multiple awards.

FRONTLINE NURSES: Dispatches From the Covid 19 Pandemic

This visually poignant animation depicts the realities of the Frontline nurses who experienced the emotional and psychological impact of COVID-19 with immeasurable intensity. They were often faced with making impromptu decisions to provide the best care, save lives and offer emotional support to patients dying from COVID. In this precarious landscape, nurses also put their own lives on the line. These stories reveal, in animated vibrance, the distress and disfunction that these healthcare workers faced at the onset of COVID. Check out our creative team:




Animations from My Anxiety Project

Sticks and Stones Trailer:

Our second animation drawn from My Anxiety Project is Sticks and Stones. To date, July of 22, we’ve been accepted to eleven festivals and won several awards. We’re now part of Art With Impact’s Olive Film Collection, and The Foundation for Arts and Healing’s UnLonely Project.

Please take a few minutes to watch!


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Inhale, Exhale Draw